Multi-Caliber User Optimized Silencer System

NOVUS, the first silencer introduced by Enfield Rifle Co., is a Patent Pending game changer. This multi-caliber silencer allows the user to optimize the silencer for any firearm ranging from .17 HMR through 458 SOCOM and pistol calibers up to and including .45 ACP.
Constructed from the most durable materials on the market, the  NOVUS silencer can be configured within minutes to fit a multitude of firearms. What does this mean for the consumer? Multiple rifles or handguns, one silencer, one $200 tax stamp.

NOVUS Silencer

The Modular Baffle Core™ technology not only allows quick caliber class configuration, but also makes it easy to clean the baffles when removed. Routine cleaning keeps the carbon build up from diminishing performance and adding weight to the silencer  over time. Not only does the Novus deliver superior value with its revolutionary 3-in-1 design,  it also provides decibel reduction levels comparable to dedicated caliber suppressors. All in a lightweight package weighing in at only 14.2 ounces in its max configuration.

Shown with the “Small Baffles” – up to .224 caliber

Shown with the “Medium Baffles” – up to .357 caliber

Shown with the “Large Baffles” – up to .458 caliber

MSRP : $1,049


Novus Spec Sheet     Download

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