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After over a year of development and testing, the NOVUS was released for initial review by industry friends at SHOT Show 2020.  Below are just a few of the third party video, reviews, and publications.    

Watch Recoil TV demonstrate the modular baffle system at SHOT Show 2020 – the first release of the NOVUS.

“Overall, it is an entirely different – fundamentally different way – to make a modular silencer than we have ever seen before!”

Watch the in depth “NFA Review Channel” walk through the construction, configuration, and unsupressed / suppressed comparisons of .22, 300 BLK, 5.56, and 9mm.

“…I came out here today really expecting a suppressor that was going to sacrifice suppression for all the utility that you get…but damn it works!  It works very well!  I’m speechless…”   

Watch Abel Company Arms – a NOVUS dealer – test the talk about the configurability and design elements and listen for yourself with a unsuppressed / suppressed comparison on a 9mm, .45, 300 BLK, 5.56, and .22.

A Different Kind of Modular Silencer

Normally, in order to achieve this level of customization the end user would have to be an NFA manufacturer themselves. While there are a lot of “do-all” silencers in the world, the ERC Novus is the only one out there with this kind of flexibility.

Read the full write up on

Additional Articles

Read the introduction article on         May 20, 2020

“Radical New Design on Multi-Caliber and Modularity, the NOVUS Silencer”  Soldier Systems         January 25, 2020

NOVUS Silencer Loose Rounds        January 28, 2020

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